Site Instructions

To begin training, click on the My Titles page. Here you can see all of the courses you will need to pass. You can complete the online courses in any order you choose. Click on the “Start Training” Button to begin taking a class. If you don’t complete the class in one sitting, you can always go back to where you left off. However, you must hit the “Mark Complete” button after you finish each section of a course in order to get credit for passing it. Any time you want to get back to your My Titles page or to any other part of the site including the Support page, click on the Nevco Logo at the top left of the page and it will take you back to the main site.

Start the Pretest and answer all the questions there. There is no passing score required. The Pretest is there for you to see what knowledge you currently have and to determine those areas where you need to focus your attention on as you take the course. Once you finish the Pre-Test click on the “View Questions” button to see what you got right and wrong. Then, click on “Mark Complete and go to the PDF Guide. You can download the guide by clicking on the download button at the bottom, expand the guide by clicking on the square with the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the guide, or read it on the page as is. Go through the guide and note any important information that will be helpful to you as you watch the video such as glossary terms and discussion points.

When you are done with the Guide, click Mark Complete and go to the Video. Watch the videos till the very end. Once the video is complete, you will be taken directly to the test. Again, be sure to watch the video till the very end. For the test, you will need to score 70% or higher to pass. Note, i f you click on “View Questions”, you can see what questions you go right and what questions you got wrong and need more study on. You can continue to take the test over and over again until you do pass. Once you achieve a passing grade find the button that says “Click Here To Continue”. You will now be taken to the main course screen and you will now see a blue button that says “Print Your Certificate”. Click on that and print and download your certificate.

Click on the Nevco Logo at the top left of the page to to go back to the main site. Click on any completed course in the My Titles page and you can access your certificate at any time. Complete all 12 Courses and be sure to register for the final live classes with the RN on the final Tuesday of every month.

Good Luck, Happy Training and Welcome to the Dial a Nurse Family!