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Welcome to your New Career!

Congratulations for being accepted and making a great choice to begin your Career as a Home Health Aide in the Dial-a-Nurse family. For over 40 years, Dial-a-Nurse has been family owned and operated, and our family is looking to get bigger. We are delighted to have you with us!

We want to give you the very best Home Health Aide instruction available. The award-winning programs in this online training package are used all over the world by countless people to improve themselves, just as you are doing today.

All the programs below are part of your curriculum and are provided TOTALLY free ofcharge as part of your acceptance into the Dial-a-nurse HHA Documentation Program. The main instruction of your training is video based because we feel that is the most effective way for you to understand the content. There are also additional .pdfs which are available and you can read them to help further your training. Pre-tests are not scored as pass or fail. Only the final test is, which you may take as many times as you need to, because we want you to master the programs so you feel confident and comfortable in knowing you have successfully obtained the minimum passing grade.

If you need more detailed instructions on how this online training section works, click here.

After you complete the video programs at your pace, you will get to attend a live session with our Director of Nursing, at no charge to you. Here you can ask any questions, meet our office staff, and have a coffee and snacks in our office.

Again, welcome to our Family, and we are looking forward to meeting you!!!



Home Health Aide Training

$999 / Seat


  1. Communication Skills In Interpersonal Relationships
  2. Documentation And Legal Aspects For CNA'S
  3. Bloodborne Pathagens/OSHA
  4. Infection Control in the Home Setting
  5. Disaster Preparedness and Home Safety
  6. Clients' Rights In Home Health 2016
  7. Hand Foot And Nail Care, Self Care - Improving Your Resident's Self Esteem, Mouth Care of Resident
  8. Promoting Mobility In Healthcare - Transfer Techniques for Caregivers
  9. Fluid and Hydration Status, Nutrition For The Older Adult
  10. Home Health - Cultural Diversity In Health Care
  11. Home Sweet Home
  12. Assisting The Resident With Self-Administraion Of Medication Home Health