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Florida’s Information Protection act of 2014

This activity has been developed for Florida businesses that receive personal information from individuals to purchase or lease a product or obtain a service. Effective July 1, 2014, businesses must comply with Florida’s “Florida Financial Protection Act of 2014”, § 501.171, Florida Statutes (2014). 

NEVCO ID NCS22 | Release Year 2015 | Running Time 35:44 | 2 CE Contact Hours

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the Florida definition of “personal information”
  2. Know that a security breach under § 501.171 occurs upon unauthorized access of data in electronic form containing personal information
  3. Know how personal information is defined for purposes of § 501.171
  4. Recognize that Florida companies must have reasonable protections and security for personal information
  5. Know the 3 types of notices required if personal information is accessed without authorization
  6. Recognize the 4 “safe harbors” in § 501.171 of good faith access, encryption, secured information and modified information
  7. Understand that penalties are per breach, not per individual
  8. Know maximum civil and other penalties that can be imposed for violation of § 501.171
  9. Recognize the necessity of having company policies and procedures to comply with § 501.171
  10. Know that § 501.171 does not create a private cause of action