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There is no getting around it, we are in a new era of HIPAA-HITECH enforcement! The HITECH-mandated Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audits are intimidating, nerve wracking and just plain stressful. Because knowledge is power this new conference will help you prepare for an audit that is inevitable. Attorney James M. Barclay returns with an insightful look at the OCH HIPAA audit process. This Program covers,

Reasons for self audits.

  • Sources that generate an audit.
    How to form an Audit Team and who should be on it.
  • Examine categories of an audit.
  • What the audit team will look for.
  • Steps to conduct an audit.
  • Documentation Requirements.
  • Review Process of an OCR Audit.
  • Walk through of a just one portion of an actual OCR Audit.

NEVCO ID NCS02| Release Year 2012 | Running Time 29:02 | 3 CE Contact Hours